Burkes' Paradise

Backpackers hostel & campsite in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

About Paradise

Burkes' Paradise is a family run business. It is presently run by Adam Burke, who is assisted by his wife Vicki and entertained by his children Daniel, Johnny & Gracie-Joy. They all live on site at Burkes' Paradise. We also have 3 dogs who enjoy the numerous guests who come to visit.

As the popularity of Burkes' Paradise has grown it has been listed in many travellers' guide books including Lonely Planet and Rough Guide (read their reviews here).

Although it was originally known as Backpackers Paradise it is now called Burkes' Paradise or Burkes' Backpackers Paradise to distinguish it from other establishments in Bulawayo who have mimicked the name.

Why Paradise?

Although this might not be some people's view of paradise, our guests have discovered why we've named this spot Paradise.

  • The tranquillity of the spacious gardens with their wide lawns and shady trees.
  • The soothing sound of cascading water as it trickles between the 2 large fish ponds.
  • The flitter and songs of the numerous birds that have made Paradise their home.

Why don't you come and share our piece of Paradise...

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